How much does an ice bath tub cost?

An affordable ice bath recovery tub is an essential investment for anyone who regularly takes cold plunges to enhance athletic performance and recovery. A cold water immersion helps your body acclimate to the harsh environment and can lead to significant gains in speed and endurance. In addition, an ice bath recovery tub keeps your head and neck out of the cold water, which prevents hypothermia. This allows you to stay in the cold water for a longer period of time, which increases your chances of seeing results from your training.

There are multiple types of home ice bath recovery tubs on the market, from no-frills plastic options to inflatable tubs like the Polar Recovery Tub and Ice Pod Pro. While these options are inexpensive, they require you to buy or make ice, add it to the tub, and wait for the water to reach your desired temperature before getting in. You also need to drain and clean them regularly, which can be a hassle. For an even more convenient experience, consider investing in one of the premium ice baths like the PLUNGE, Cold Stoic, or Odin ice recovery tub.

These more expensive tubs are insulated, which means they can hold water at your ideal temperature for longer and have a built-in cooling unit that eliminates the need for added ice. Plus, they often look more like a piece of backyard furniture, so they’ll blend in well with your outdoor patio or garage. Some also include a built-in heater to warm the water, which can help you relax more comfortably.

The Brainpod, which is available in both small and large sizes, is a good example of an affordable ice bath recovery tub. Its simple design includes a hose that connects to a powerful 0.6 HP heating and cooling chiller, which allows you to control the temperature between 39 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a lot lower than the temperature you need for a deep cold plunge, but it’s still plenty cold for most people.

Another option is the Polar Recovery Tub, which is similar to a Rubbermaid stock tank but made from durable structural foam that’s resistant to cracking and rust. It has an oversized drain plug, an easy-to-use on/off valve, and a built-in thermometer. It’s designed to be used as a cold plunge recovery tub, but it’s also great for hot and cold recovery treatments. It’s lightweight, portable, and foldable for storage, so you can take it on the go with you when you travel. In addition, the Polar Recovery tub has a built-in air pump and a GFCI outlet for improved safety and convenience.