Attorney for Truck Injuries With a Track Record

A truck accident can be devastating, resulting in severe injuries or even death for those who are hurt. While New York law does allow victims to seek compensation, this process can be complex, and trucking companies don’t simply admit fault and pay for their mistakes – they often fight claims from the start. You need a lawyer who is experienced in this type of litigation and will level the playing field with the insurance company. That’s where our NYC truck accident lawyers come in.

Our attorneys can assess the evidence in your case, determine whose actions led to your truck accident, and name all parties responsible in your lawsuit. This will help you recover the full damages you’re owed, including compensation for medical bills, loss of income, and future earning capacity. We will also pursue punitive damages, if applicable.

We understand the physical and emotional toll a truck crash can take on victims, and we strive to provide empathetic support. Our attorneys will listen to you and your concerns, providing advice and guidance every step of the way. We will also work to build a strong case, proving that the defendants’ actions are the direct cause of your injuries and losses.

Victims need to see a doctor right away after a truck crash, even if their injuries seem minor. Adrenaline can mask some symptoms, and internal injuries may not show up until much later. Additionally, a doctor can help determine the full extent of your injuries and make a clear diagnosis that will play a role in determining compensation for your damages.

Document everything, from your medical records to wage loss statements and other relevant documentation. It’s advisable to not speak directly with the insurance adjusters, and your lawyer will handle all communications in your name. We will also carefully evaluate any settlement offers that you receive, as they’re often well below what you deserve.

We can even find and speak with eyewitnesses, who can testify about the truck driver’s actions at the scene of the crash. They can also tell us if the vehicle was in poor repair or had any mechanical issues, which might have contributed to the accident.

The key to a successful case is gathering and evaluating all available evidence, which can be difficult in the aftermath of a truck accident. The trucking industry has a vested interest in suppressing, hiding or destroying evidence to protect their profits, so it’s important to consult with an Attorney for truck injuries with a track record as soon as possible to begin building your case. New York law requires that you file a personal injury claim within three years of the accident, and two years for wrongful death claims. Contact our NYC truck accident lawyers immediately to get started on your case.