6 Tips For Adult Riders of the Chicago Water Slide

For many people, the Chicago water slide is the highlight of a summer day. It is such a popular attraction that you’ll often find whole families waiting in line to get in at one of the city’s large water parks.

Another popular attraction at most parks is the inflatable slide. These slides are specifically designed for kids. They come in a variety of sizes and have sections that can be more challenging to kids of all ages.

While they are designed for children, a water slide at an amusement park is also just as exciting for adults. As an adult, you can still enjoy the water fun in the same way as a child would, and they might even enjoy it more. For this reason, we’ve created a few tips for adult riders of the Chicago water slide.

If you’re an adult who is going to use the slide, it’s time to get some water. Even if you don’t normally drink or eat anything other than soda or juice, you’ll need some liquid intake. The water helps cool you down during your ride. Of course, not every slide has a water garden so you might want to find a lake or river where the water is clear and clean.

Before you ride, make sure you are comfortable. The first thing you need to do before getting on the slide is to have your crutches, walker, or cane with you. This will help prevent you from slipping while you are off balance.

For most people, the best way to ensure that they are comfortable is to choose a water park that is known for being a fun destination. If you don’t go to one that is fun, you’ll be more likely to come down with the “lazy susan” disease that results in the slide going up your leg.

Choose a slide that is located at a hill level. You don’t want to slip and fall because you couldn’t see the hill. Having a stairway to use to get up to the top of the slide is another safety measure. Stairways help you get up quickly.

If you think you will be sliding down too quickly, then set the water level to be slightly lower than the height of the slope. This will keep you from overshooting the level and falling down. Sometimes the water level doesn’t go very high, so you’ll need to adjust your crutches accordingly.

Be sure to get a foot rest. A footrest is important because it helps you stay on the ride longer. You will probably use your hands or other parts of your body to stay on the slide, but a foot rest will help you stay off the ground. A foot rest keeps you stable.

You also need to make sure that you are wearing your glasses. Slide covers come with built-in glasses. When you slide, you may accidentally bump your glasses against the slide cover or hit your face on the edge of the slide.

Get yourself coasters to use when you slide. Coasters help you stay on the slide longer. They allow you to move at a certain speed without putting too much stress on your knees.

No matter what you decide to do, having fun with your family is always a fun trip. By following these tips, you’ll be able to use your Chicago water slide more.