What Is the Age Where You Need to Be Before You Can Have a Botox Treatment?

Vancouver Botox clinic

In Vancouver, British Columbia, you can find two types of cosmetic clinics: one is for inpatient treatment and the other is for outpatient treatment. Those who are having trouble with their looks should go to an inpatient Vancouver Botox clinic because here they get injected using botulinum toxin A. This toxin is effective for treating muscle and facial spasticity. This toxin blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles by relaxing the muscle which causes the spasticity or laxity to disappear. Because this is a cosmetic treatment, most insurance companies do not cover it.

Those who have undergone Botox treatment can have a second shot at the treatment through outpatient procedures. The Vancouver Botox doctor who does the injections will explain everything that is involved with the procedure, from what it is made of to the types of needles used. Once you have received your injection, you are required to have a follow up visit with the doctor so he or she can confirm that the toxin has been put to rest.

How old is too old for Botox? Usually their 2 weeks follow up appointment with the doctor is the last chance before a surgical facelift is scheduled.

There is another method of determining how old is too old for Botox injections in Vancouver. This method is called the ATA/EDA assay method. The ATA/EDA assay method was developed by Dr. William Schmitzler in 1970. The aim of the method was to see how the effects of botulinum toxin products would change over time. The results showed that botulinum toxin products had a delayed onset of action and therefore the risk of complications like pain and muscle weakness increased.

In addition, there are several other risks such as an allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock, an increased risk of fever, and an increased risk of strokes. If you go to a Vancouver Botox clinic and they say you are four years old, be prepared to have a biopsy taken to determine if you have botulinum toxin in your blood stream. Your physician should tell you the percentage of your blood that contains the toxin. If it is below twenty percent, then it is safe for you to proceed with the Botox injection.

How old is too old for Botox treatments in Vancouver? Generally, most adults patients require a minimum of four months from the date of service to have the neurotoxin injected under your skin to prevent a possible rebound effect or complications of the initial injection. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, the Vancouver Botox clinic may also recommend that a repeat dose is administered after six months to one year.

Is there a way to find out how old is too old for Botox treatments? The only true way to discover this is by doing a thorough medical history review. Ask friends or coworkers, and go through the Yellow Pages. For older people, especially those with declining health, it might be wise to use a neuromodulator rather than a botulinum toxin.