What Is a Fire Watch Guard?

Fire Watch Guards

Fire watch services are off-site, specialized security measures performed by specially qualified fire watch guards. Services usually include: Detecting fires before they get too far out of hand and putting out the fire with the help of water. Performs patrols at scheduled times during the day and at night and covers the entire facility 24 hours a day.

The patrol is accompanied by a security guard who monitors the perimeter. If a guard detects an active fire, he will notify the fire watch guard of his position and coordinates his patrol from there. Depending on the number of guards, the fire department will dispatch additional personnel to deal with the fire. The additional personnel are called in for fire patrol. These services usually take around 15 minutes.

For potential fire hazards, on-duty guards are trained in locating any potential hazards. Guards are trained to spot anything that may be out of the ordinary about the property. They check for litters, piles of garbage or other potential fire hazards. In addition, potential hazards are detected through intense visual inspection which includes thermal imaging.

Fire Watch Guard duty involves monitoring the entire facility. Mobile patrols are sent out regularly to monitor the exits, emergency procedures and any other activity that may be suspicious. In addition, mobile patrols are dispatched to check on suspicious activity near fire facilities and other potential danger zones. When a guard notices a potential hazard or warning of an emergency, he will contact the fire department and alert them of the potential danger so that proper steps can be taken.

The most common duty for a fire watch guard is to guard the entire facility 24 hours a day. Some departments assign a single fire safety guard to cover all entrances around the clock. However, the fire watch guards are more often than not required to patrol the facilities at certain times of the day. This is usually during evening hours when most fires are reported.

In order for a fire watch guard to remain fully operational, he must be notified immediately if there is any sign of fire hazards or emergencies. A fully operational alarm system is designed to send notification of an alarm at the earliest possible indication of an emergency such as smoke, fire, heavy breathing or water vapor. Fire Watch Guards is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, which makes them highly effective in combating fire hazards. Furthermore, fire watch guards are also trained in rescue tactics to quickly respond to emergencies and incidents.