B & B Laundry Systems Supplier In Sydney

Finding a reputable coin laundry supplier in Sydney, Australia is easy when you call B & B Laundry Systems. We have all seen coin laundry showrooms and expected clean coins but the truth is that most of them are not as clean as they seem. And after cleaning your coin by hand, you will understand why.

I was very lucky when I first moved to Sydney. There were not many coin laundries in the city centre, so I never had to clean by hand. It was only after about a year of living here that I began to notice a problem with clean coins. This may sound strange but the fact is that when you wash a coin by hand, you can easily and quickly release dirt and oils into the coin. Plus it takes much longer to dry the coin if you have a clean coin.

Because cleaners purchase cleaners specifically for coin washing, these cleaners are not as effective at cleaning them as you might expect. This means that after cleaning you have to use a wet rag to clean off any excess soap residue left behind. Not only do you have to use a wet rag, but because the cleaner will be absorbed into the coin it also takes time to dry.

To avoid this you must sanitize the coin by hand, not just by hand. This involves rubbing the coin down with rubbing alcohol for about 15 minutes. For those that are keen to have their coins cleaned by hand, I would recommend a lighter alcohol.

Once you have thoroughly sanitized the coin by hand, place it into the dishwasher for two or three cycles. This should clean off any residue that was left behind by the cleaners. It is important to keep this in mind, if you are not sure of how often to wash your coin.

Cleaning by hand is the best way to clean a coin because you are able to get into the coin, pick it up, wring out the cleaning solution and then do another pass over the coin. This does not get into the nooks and crannies that cleaners will miss.

You must try to keep the water level to a minimum during cleaning. A less than full bucket will allow more water to get into the coin. You can achieve the same effect by filling the bucket halfway with clean water before pouring the cleaning solution into the other half.

Coin washing can be a tiresome task. But with the right knowledge and some simple tips, you can enjoy a day cleaning every few weeks.